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Hi, my name is Uranit

My Latest Collection

How It All Started

Opening My Own Studio

I've loved jewelry ever since I was a child. Back then I used to have a set of trinket rings I absolutely loved, long before I knew jewelry would become my profession in life. Looking back, I feel like my past and the wonderful people I encountered along the way helped pave the way for me.

Recently I created a new line of jewelry.

These pieces are minimalist and comfortable, jewelry you could wear to any place and in all hours of the day.

These pieces bring out the beauty and uniqueness in each of us, doing so with delicacy and elegance.

When I was 19 I started taking jewelry making classes and instantly felt like it was my calling. From the minute I laid my hands on the gold and silver I was hooked!  I loved the way the metal felt, the way it looked and the sparkle and twinkle of it.

Although I've been in the business for almost a decade, I still get excited when I reveal the magical shine of the metal as I polish it.


In my twenties, I spent my time mainly studying jewelry making and designing my own pieces, paying special attention to perfecting my skills and refining my ability to express myself in the metal.  

I find certain aspects of the work fascinating, like the joining of pieces of metal. In the past, I have created several pieces containing multiple parts and special hinges. They are wearable, but these pieces are meant to be admired like museum artworks rather than be worn (see more here).

My thirties were dedicated to another passion of mine - teaching.

In 2009 I opened my own studio where I teach jewelry making to women of all ages. I pass my love and knowledge of jewelry making to them.

Their success fills me with gratification and joy - it is the main reason I became a teacher.

I design, make, wrap and ship all of the jewelry myself with the utmost devotion and care.

Jewelry, jewelry making and creating beautiful things are my passion in life.

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